SKU 501008

Display for bracelets. This display consists of a display box and 5 small bracelet cushions that fit in this box. On each cushion, there fit approximately 8 bracelets. The box has a black colour and is made of wood with a velvet cover. The cushions have a grey colour and are made of velvet. It’s cheaper to buy this deal than to buy the box and the cushions separately. You save 10%. We offer no suggested retail price for this display because this display is not meant for resale, but to show the jewellery in your store.

All details:
  • Display box for bracelet cushions + 5 small cushions
  • This box fits 5 small bracelet cushions
  • The cushions are included
  • There fit approximately 8 bracelets on one cushion
  • Colour: the box is black and the cushions are grey
  • Material: the box is made of wood and velvet and the cushions are made of velvet
  • Retail price: not meant for resale
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