SKU 601049

Dip dye dinner candle. The top has a white colour and the bottom has a silver colour.

This candle is made of stearin. The raw material we use for stearin is renewable and consists of animal fat residues from the food industry. This makes the candle sustainable and environmentally friendly. The wick is made of lead-free cotton. The candle burns with a calm and bright flame and no soot or black smoke is released. Due to the material, the candle does not warp, not even in sunlight or due to a high room temperature. The candle is 19 cm high and has a diameter of 22 mm. The ribbed bottom keeps the candle firmly in a candle holder. The candle burns for about 6 hours.

To burn the candle safely, it’s important that you follow our burning instructions. Never leave a lit candle unattended and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Never place a candle near easily flammable materials and objects. To burn the candle safely, it’s important that you cut the wick if it’s longer than 1 cm before lighting the candle. Burn the candle only in a suitable, stable candle holder. When burning more than one dinner candle at the same time, make sure the candles are at least 5 cm apart. When you want to put a candle out, don’t blow it out. It’s also not wise to do this with your hands or with water. This can cause the candle to drip when you light it again. The best way to put out the candle is to use a candle snuffer. Do not burn a candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Do not light a candle if it’s shorter than 1 cm. Essentialistics is not responsible for any injuries or (fire) damage when burning our candles.

The candles are handmade, so the colours and patterns may differ slightly from the photo.

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